Band saw HBE Dynamic Series
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Treated material
for steel, for aluminum, for non-ferrous materials, for stainless steel
for profiles, for tubes, for bars
Other characteristics
automatic, horizontal, CNC, with touch screen control
Round piece diameter
260 mm, 320 mm, 410 mm, 510 mm (10 in)


The dynamic way of sawing The new high performance automatic bandsawing machines, the DYNAMIC series, provides performance, ease of use and energy efficiency Profitable form the base up The HBE Dynamic series brings many features, which make your production even more profitable: •Solid and durable construction made of vibration damping grey cast iron •Sensitive BEHRINGER downfeed control system •Precise guiding system in portal design •Energy-efficient drive system •Excellent accessibility •Electrically driven chip brush, synchronized with blade speed •Easy operation by intuitive NC control system

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