Pneumatic portable grinder Druckluft-Geradschleifer
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Other characteristics
straight, compact, ergonomic
Min.: 40 W (0.1 hp)

Max.: 820 W (1.1 hp)

Min.: 1 mm (0 in)

Max.: 25 mm (1 in)


Karnasch Professional Tools offers a complete range of straight grinders in the professional segment for a wide variety of milling and grinding works. When developing and selecting the components for the straight grinders, the guiding principle “only the best” was applied in order to guarantee long tool life, high quality processing and thus low maintenance costs. All straight grinders are designed for hard and continuous operations. The Karnasch range of straight grinders guarantees first class results and process reliability for rotary burrs with diameters from 1 mm to 25 mm.
Straight grinders applications:
-Aerospace industry -Automobile industry
-Mold and machine construction -Shipbuilding industry
-Casting Straight grinders
-Compact, ergonomic construction -Low weight -Technically sophisticated
-High performance in comparison to weight
-No risk of overload, as it can be loaded until downtime
-old and vibration insulated housings
-Low maintenance
-Easy to service (compensatory motors are easy to change) -Economical

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